With over two decades of experience as an Emmy and Promax Gold award-winning design leader, I've collaborated with music pioneers, creative agencies, and Oscar-nominated directors. My expertise centers on creating compelling campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and global brands.
In my recent roles, I've provided design and creative direction for renowned clients such as The CW Network, Disney, Snap Inc, and Meta. Spearheading multi-million dollar innovative campaigns, I've worked closely with stakeholders, company leaders, and cross-functional teams. My focus extends to exploring immersive digital platforms like AR, VR, web3 and AI, collaborating with technologists and strategists to shape the future of digital experiences.
My strengths span the realms of motion design, design strategy, leadership, creative direction, and collaborative ideation. My proficiency excels in the transformation of company values into high-concept content, driving revenue growth and producing top-quality, groundbreaking materials. Throughout my career, I've eagerly embraced a spectrum of responsibilities, maintaining unwavering dedication, a forward-thinking mindset, and a sharp awareness of industry trends. My extensive experience has consistently yielded impressive, influential, and pioneering success.
In addition to my professional achievements, I've created an original intellectual property and narrative universe, establishing a retail business empowering the Latino/Latinx community. Explore more at

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