With an intro inspired by Powers of Ten, this two-part animation was produced to announce the new Storytelling team on Creative Shop at Meta. Told through the lens of a reinterpretation of a classic, historic and iconic art deco monument, the Niagara Mohawk building, in Syracuse, New York.
The building was used to serve as a narrative and discovery device, using the story of art deco as an allegory for rebirth, innovation, and transformation.
Over the course of 4 months, each piece of the building was painstakingly, concepted, designed and fully realized in 3D. The exterior fidelity was largely preserved, but the interior blended several classic art deco locations: the skylight from the Burbank City Hall; the former halls of the McGraw Hill Building in New York; the wall reliefs from Battersea Station in London, and the palatial elevator halls of the CalEdison Lofts in downtown Los Angeles.
The larger than life, imaginative engineering of the building, from its structured strong horizontal lines, it’s gold muraled interior and the statue at the head of the building, the ‘Spirit of Light,’ represent visual metaphors related to the new team, its vision, priorities, and world building future.
All work designed, directed and animated by Carlo A. Flores
Spirit of Light model by David Alexander

Music by Bear McCreary, sampled from the Foundation, Apple TV+ original series soundtrack

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