Medyear is a groundbreaking disruptor brand and healthcare platform that improves the patient experience by offering easy access to medical records and enabling communication with over 700,000 doctors through a user-friendly mobile app.
I collaborated closely with Medyear's leadership to create a clear and visually engaging design campaign to introduce Medyear to the public. Our goal was to ensure that the app was easy to understand and navigate for everyday users through a strong visual identity and brand awareness campaign. We conducted in-depth analysis of user group data and market research, refining our visual approach in collaboration with the app's UX and internal design team.
Based on these insights, we developed an informational film using abstract and surreal storytelling to convey key ideas about Medyear and its app in an accessible way. The film begins in a typical hospital waiting room, taking viewers on a transformative journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The concept aimed to introduce Medyear to a broad audience, capturing its vision and emphasizing its significance as a pioneering healthcare solution for the future.
The film and visual identity achieved remarkable success, laying the foundation for Medyear's future branding efforts and demonstrating positive user engagement metrics and usage ROI numbers.
Design Direction by Carlo A. Flores
Written by Panya Chheng and Ted Hayden
Produced by Ted Hayden
Music and SFX by Carlo A. Flores
voice over Carlo A. Flores
Additional animation and 3D graphics by
Chris Villa and Freddy Morales
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