Medyear is a groundbreaking social network for healthcare that elevates the patient experience by allowing easy access to medical records and the ability to message over 700,000 doctors all from the convenience of a phone.
I was tasked with creating a film that could communicate key ideas and concepts through an abstract and surreal narrative. The film begins in the cold confines of a typical hospital waiting room and travels to the outer limits of imagination and information. The overarching concept was to introduce Medyear to a wide audience, capture the essence of its vision and convey it’s importance as a groundbreaking solution for the future of healthcare.​​​​​​​
Design and directed by Carlo A. Flores
Written by Panya Chheng and Ted Hayden
Produced by Ted Hayden
Music and SFX by Carlo A. Flores
voice over Carlo A. Flores
Additional animation and 3D graphics by
Chris Villa and Freddy Morales
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