Lifeline an uncompromising and in depth view into the enigmatic, and creative force of artist Clyfford Still, one of original contributors to the Abstract Expressionist movement. The film features a mosaic of archival material, found footage, audio recorded by Still and interviews with both his family, art historians and surviving peers.
In creating the opening titles for Lifeline, I wanted to convey the drama of the artist’s mind by examining his paintings through dynamic pans across the canvases of his monolithic paintings–landscapes of color and jagged lines as if they were actual terrestrial topography.
The challenge was interweaving a compelling narrative featuring these landscapes while also juxtaposing the psyche, intensity and ferocity of Still through impressions of his frenzied brush-work that brought to life his vivid, larger than life art.
All work designed, created and animated by Carlo A. Flores
Directed by Dennis Scholl
Produced by Konstantia Kontaxis
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